Bridging Boyd
Printed publication, 2015

The Brief: Paper Architecture. This brief requires you to create a speculative publication for an architectural project associated with the Exhibition of Entries for the Victorian Architecture Awards. You are to create a work in response to one chosen architectural project entered across the 8 categories of the 2015 awards. You are to creatively connect building materials to printing materials, formats to floorplans, fiction to history and typography to environment.

I created my publication on Jolson Architects VAA entry ‘Bridging Boyd’, a redesign of Robin Boyd’s ‘Bridge House’ originally designed in 1953. With only the description on Jolson’s website to work with and some information on the original design I created a poem to tell the story of the Toorak home. As the unique environment was the center of both designs I fused a leaf in glass to use as the centerpiece for my design.