Greaser Guide
Printed Publication, 2014

The Brief: The phrase subculture has been used by anthropologists and sociologists in a variety of contexts and is full of ambiguity. In its simplest form, a subculture is a group of people with lifestyle values and appearance that differentiates them from mainstream society. Unconventional, bohemian, free-spirited, oddball, outsider, fringe, maverick, alternative, tribal, radical and even underbelly of society are just some of the terms used to describe subcultures. Create a publication design based on one or more Subcultures as a theme. Celebrate the difference and capture the subcultural splendour of your ‘marvellous mavericks’. 

I created my publication on the 50’s Greaser subculture, using a variety of pastel coloured paper stocks, 1950’s American adverts and photos which I printed and cut out to make collages of as the main imagery for the publication.

Greasers were a youth subculture that originated in the 1950’s among teenagers in the north-eastern and southern parts of the United States. With his D.A. pompadour, black leather jacket, white t-shirt, denim jeans and hi-top sneakers, the greaser liked fast cars, loose girls, and rock and roll. The greaser was a fashion conscious suburban kid who felt the angst of teenage years, but didn’t have much to rebel against.