Trust Yourself
Printed Publication, 2013

The Brief: This project requires you to create a list of artists and designers you are familiar with to begin, a discussion on communication design history and the avenues, which are available for expanding their approach to making work. From your list you are to select one creative to begin an exploration of connections/links/lineage/image-ancestry throughout art and design history. Use your subject as a starting point to document the origins, influences and even speculative connections to their work and the collected material will form the basis of your research publication.

The subject I chose to base my publication on was British artist Tracey Emin. I was able to gather a lot of interesting information on Emin about her long career in the art world and the changes she has gone though during it. I had a piece of perspex laser cut to depict one of her text based neon works which also became the title of the publication.